You’ve Just Begun

You’re just starting to build your restaurant’s following.

It is huge understatement to say that you have a lot in front of you if you are running a single door restaurant which just opened in the last couple years. Sometimes you’re tempted to feel anxious, but you’re living your dream.

It’s exciting, but even before you roll out of bed, you’re thinking about your day ahead. Being a restaurant owner is labor-intensive, and it means wearing many hats. You wake up thinking about what needs to get done: there are orders to place, texts and emails to answer, staff to hire, train, or retrain, a floor sink full of potato peels to unclog, and people trying to sell you things every day to “make your business better.”

But in the end, you know what you have to do – treat people well, serve great food, and get your customers to come back.

Big restaurant chains have armies of people to do their marketing—you have you.  We’re here to tell you that you can do it. You don’t have to buy expensive tools or hire staff. Knowing what you know today you can use Vernaca to send effective and visually compelling promotions and marketing material. All without bothering your customers.

Vernaca is the solution you’ve been looking for – a tool that offers quick, simple, cost effective marketing communications and guided expertise.